Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pretty Paper

I desperately need folders to put some of my crafting "stuff" into - pattern pieces that I make up, inspirational pictures/ideas, business documents for markets etc. I'm sure you catch my drift, just somewhere to put this "stuff" instead of pinning it to a messy corkboard as I have been:
Hideous, I'm sure you agree.

And I refuse to spend $20 on a pretty folder from one of the big office stationery suppliers, beautiful yes, but $20 for a folder? Does anyone really spend that much on a folder?

So I bought a $2 ugly black folder, and plan on covering them in the below pretties, much nicer! (And better on the pocket too!)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Summer Jim-Jams

I forgot I took this photo - a lovely red dusty day in Dubbo last Wednesday - the one most of NSW copped. I had a crappy sleep the night before, RMW spent most of the night in bed with me (gotta love those pointy elbows and knees!), and we woke up to this - I thought the world was ending!

Onto nicer things - I have finished the three pairs of summer jim-jams for RMW - very pleased with the results! They have a mock fly, a pocket for who-knows-what, and a mock pull cord in the waist. And how do they look on?

Super cute of course!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Singlets, Singlets Everywhere!

Some singlets I appliqued for the Cobar Public School Spring Fair...

I sold a few of these and got some good feedback; next time I will make some smaller uni-sex ones, for the little bubbas who are yet to arrive...

My little helper, taking them off the line for me as it was a little overcast and the possibility of rain was extrememly high...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Very Quiet Pigmy Giraffe Rattles

(Cue David Attenborough voice...)

Behold, a herd of the extremely rare Very Quiet Pigmy Giraffe Rattles...see how they graze quietly, totally unaware of the predator lurking closely by...

...the predator makes his move, and without any warning snatches one, and I fear it is too late for this little rattle...

...the predator plays with its find like a kitten with a toy, and as I feared it is game over for this Very Quiet Pigmy Giraffe Rattle.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hoo are You?

Hoo are these cuties then?

Some softies I made to sell at the Cobar Public School Spring Fair markets, that's hoo!! I made three, and sold one which I was most impressed by! (Oh, I did make other stuff, which I will post later - yes there was more than three owls sitting on my table!!). They stand about 25cm tall, and I plan on making some smaller ones also, probably to sell at some markets coming up on the long weekend in October.

My current project however is making shorts for RMW. It has gotten too hot too quickly here in Dub-Vegas. Yesterday I bought some fabric, enough to make four pairs of shorts, and it only cost me 12 bucks! I am trying to be thrifty - September seems to be bills month in my neck of the woods. It is getting pretty boring, there are only so many trips to the library one can make in their quest to not spend money, but lead a rich and fulfilling life....!

Anyway, must dash. I need to be thrifty with my spectacles, and sticky tape the arm back on...a certain someone got me at a weak moment, and has half torn off the arm of my poor old specs - suddenly remembered why his nickname is Destructo!!