Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun Day Markets

I'm having a nice quiet week this week, after my mad flurry of action over the last week and a half, making handbags, clutches and coin purses for a stall I had on the weekend at a family fun day/markets in town. The rain-threatening weather kept a lot of people away, so it was a bit quiet, but I got to meet a lovely couple Bill and Judy - Bill is an artist who live just around the corner from me. They were really nice to chat to, and I also got to launch my new business card - and even gave one out! (Okay, the markets weren't overly successful, but I got to have a morning in the park, and husband even vacuumed the house while I was out - bonus!).

The fun day was Sunday, and I really wanted to wear something groovy and handmade, which it seems I don't have a lot of - so settled on a top I made last year. Which got me wanting to make some more clothes for myself...except I really didn't want to spend $20 on a pattern, and I really couldn't be stuffed doing the interfacing, pin-tucking, button-hole making, zip inserting etc. Which led me to finding this tutorial on the internet: I made it yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out! The next one I make I think I will "tweak" it a little to fit a bit differently, but there are no darts, interfacing, buttons, zippers or pin-tucking to be seen, just a lot of elastic threading which was easy enough! Here is the result (FYI - I am wearing a 3/4 sleeve top underneath):

I had to take the longer sleeve top off later through the day as it got quite warm, but the blouse turned out to be lovely and cool, not bunching up under my armpits creating a BO sauna, fab!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bags and Swimming Lessons

RMW has started water confidence classes at the local heated pool, and while things didn't start out the way I had hoped (he pretty much cried the whole first class, poor little man) the second class was a totally different story! A little hesitant at first, but after we sang a song with a little bit of quiet splashing to go with, he was won over, and absolutely loves the water! We went swimming again this morning just to make the most of our pool pass, and he had heaps of fun again. We both needed a little catnap at lunchtime!

I have been very busy making bags and clutches/purses for the next markets, happening this Sunday. I bought some beautiful fabric last week, and have already made five purses and halfway through making the bags:

I am enjoying making them, but at the same time am ready to make something different.

Monday, October 12, 2009

This Little Piggy Went to Market!

I decided on Thursday last week that yes, I would do a stall at the markets on Sunday. For some reason I was feeling very "I can do it!" and made the phone call to book a stall. Pull out my finger and get my crafting/sewing mojo back into action! Craft Power!

Although I didn't have a huge amount of stock to sell, I still had some softies, hair-clips, finger puppets, singlets and bibs left over from the stall I had at the Cobar Public School fete. I decided to add to that, by making some kids bathroom bags. So off RMW and I went to Spotlight on Friday to buy some new fabric, zippers and plastic tablecloth. Except they were busy and I really couldn't be stuffed to wait around to get MORE fabric (usually after being overlooked by staff by serving other customers who hadn't waited as long as me - when oh WHEN are they going to get a number system like the Woolies Deli?!?). So instead I settled for zippers and the plastic, and got the hell out of there before RMW cracked it big time. We still had the groceries to do, afterall.

I searched through my stock of fabric and (unsurprisingly) found some suitable material and by Saturday afternoon had made 8 bags for the markets and one for RMW (the prototype, which had a few bugger-ups on it - he does need a bathroom bag, really).

And they did quite well at the markets too! I sold all the boys ones, and one of the girls ones, so well worth the effort I reckon.

The markets were fun, I sold a bit of everything, but best of all got to chat to other groovy stallholders, some nice customers, and got loads of good feedback and some new ideas. And my crafting juices are very, well, juicy! I was given some pamphlets from other organisations (schools, aged care facilities etc) for other upcoming markets, which I fully intend on going to. A jolly good morning out!

Now, time to do some mending (ew). Husbands work-shorts have busted the crotch seam, and I'm sick of seeing a flash of undies every time he sits down! Why don't men care about that sort of thing? I'll have to change the thread in my sewing machine which will probably be the longest part of the mending process, but I will also be in the running for house-wife of the year, not bad!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Folders Complete

I finished my covered folders, and thought they looked so snazzy I also spruced up the boxes I already had. It was pretty easy too! Looks very Tara Dennis, don't you think?!? I had some paper left over, so I recovered my pencil caddy and note paper holder...

We spent the long weekend camping with my parents on the Darling River. What a wonderful weekend! RMW had a blast, didn't stop the whole time. He has a few burrs in his hands from falling onto prickles continuously - can't wait until they fester a bit and I can dig them out!

I took a photo of a billabong near where we were camping - there were some black swans there, which I thought was pretty cool. I only took a few photos while there which was a bit of a waste, but I was far too busy drinking cuppas and eating slice to do much more! Very relaxing.

Must go rescue RMW, he has learnt how to climb and is about to do a nose dive off the side of the lounge. Doesn't he know I am busy blogging?!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pretty Paper

I desperately need folders to put some of my crafting "stuff" into - pattern pieces that I make up, inspirational pictures/ideas, business documents for markets etc. I'm sure you catch my drift, just somewhere to put this "stuff" instead of pinning it to a messy corkboard as I have been:
Hideous, I'm sure you agree.

And I refuse to spend $20 on a pretty folder from one of the big office stationery suppliers, beautiful yes, but $20 for a folder? Does anyone really spend that much on a folder?

So I bought a $2 ugly black folder, and plan on covering them in the below pretties, much nicer! (And better on the pocket too!)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Summer Jim-Jams

I forgot I took this photo - a lovely red dusty day in Dubbo last Wednesday - the one most of NSW copped. I had a crappy sleep the night before, RMW spent most of the night in bed with me (gotta love those pointy elbows and knees!), and we woke up to this - I thought the world was ending!

Onto nicer things - I have finished the three pairs of summer jim-jams for RMW - very pleased with the results! They have a mock fly, a pocket for who-knows-what, and a mock pull cord in the waist. And how do they look on?

Super cute of course!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Singlets, Singlets Everywhere!

Some singlets I appliqued for the Cobar Public School Spring Fair...

I sold a few of these and got some good feedback; next time I will make some smaller uni-sex ones, for the little bubbas who are yet to arrive...

My little helper, taking them off the line for me as it was a little overcast and the possibility of rain was extrememly high...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Very Quiet Pigmy Giraffe Rattles

(Cue David Attenborough voice...)

Behold, a herd of the extremely rare Very Quiet Pigmy Giraffe Rattles...see how they graze quietly, totally unaware of the predator lurking closely by...

...the predator makes his move, and without any warning snatches one, and I fear it is too late for this little rattle...

...the predator plays with its find like a kitten with a toy, and as I feared it is game over for this Very Quiet Pigmy Giraffe Rattle.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hoo are You?

Hoo are these cuties then?

Some softies I made to sell at the Cobar Public School Spring Fair markets, that's hoo!! I made three, and sold one which I was most impressed by! (Oh, I did make other stuff, which I will post later - yes there was more than three owls sitting on my table!!). They stand about 25cm tall, and I plan on making some smaller ones also, probably to sell at some markets coming up on the long weekend in October.

My current project however is making shorts for RMW. It has gotten too hot too quickly here in Dub-Vegas. Yesterday I bought some fabric, enough to make four pairs of shorts, and it only cost me 12 bucks! I am trying to be thrifty - September seems to be bills month in my neck of the woods. It is getting pretty boring, there are only so many trips to the library one can make in their quest to not spend money, but lead a rich and fulfilling life....!

Anyway, must dash. I need to be thrifty with my spectacles, and sticky tape the arm back on...a certain someone got me at a weak moment, and has half torn off the arm of my poor old specs - suddenly remembered why his nickname is Destructo!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Baby Bag

I started a bag some time ago, to use as RMW's bag of goodies when we go out. My last baby bag, an Amy Butler pattern, has been absolutely flogged and is now just a tad too big. As babies get bigger, they need smaller bags it seems!

I finished it last week, and am pretty impressed with the results. There is still heaps of room inside, with various sized pockets, plus an extra pocket on the outside (it is on the back so you can't see it here) and I also added a drink bottle holder.

It drapes easily over the pram handle, and doesn't hit the Mr's knees when he's pushing the pram, unlike the last one, so he's happy too!

It is a glorious day here, I have done a ton of washing in preparation for RMW & my visit to hometown Cobar tomorrow. We are going for a few nights, no use going all that way for one sleep - plus it's my mum's 60th birthday on Saturday.

We are coming home on Monday morning, then have to pack again for our trip to Mildura to visit my beautiful little sister - now that is going to be a long trip - but soooo looking forward to it! She hasn't seen RMW for a few months, so can't wait to show him off, he has learnt a few new tricks since she seen him last!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Kitchen After Shot

Gosh, this has been a long time coming! Just wanted to keep you in suspenders.

The "after" shot of my kitchen (post painting)...ta-dah! Introducing Dulux Duck Egg Blue. Totally liveable.

I still haven't put a nail in the wall to hang the old clock above the stove there. I really want to buy a new clock - the Replica George Nelson Ball Clock from Matt Blatt to be exact. Dont' know the one? See below:

Cool, huh? Maybe I'll put it on my list to Santa for you think I can wait that long?!?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've been a very busy girl, which is part of the reason I haven't blogged for a month. Besides doing some admin/typing work (that I actually get paid for, so couldn't really turn it down!), I have also been doing a lot of preparation for painting our kitchen, dining, lounge and hallway. I remember in the days pre-baby I thought painting took a long time, but when you have a baby and can only work when they are asleep, well it takes a hell of a lot longer!

So, here is the before picture....

And now I have to go and clean up for the after picture!

Happy Birthday RMW

Wow, how the year has flown...

I can't believe my beautiful boy is 1...

Happy Birthday RMW, you truly are a star!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's so quiet...

It's so quiet...shhh, shhh, oh so quiet...shhh, shhh...and here's why:

RMW found my overlocking threads, and moving onto the sewing machine thread! On the plus side, I got to iron all the interfacings for the bag I'm making in relative peace, so not too much harm done!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I bought this fabric on Sunday at Spotlight, and cut out the first bag yesterday morning, which will be for me, as a trial of course! The main body of the bag is denim, and the flap of the bag will be in either the red or blue print, lined with the mustard fabric. It is supposed to be a 'baby' bag, but really you could use it for anything. I will have to check my threads now, to make sure I have the right colour to sew it up, otherwise another trip to Spotlight. And that will mean I'll have to do my hair - yikes!

Still cooolish here today; we went for a walk this morning, RMW all snug and super cute in the pram with blankie and beanie, and me with a scarf wrapped around my head to keep my ears warm. Didn't quite get the snow-bunny look happening though, nor the yummy-mummy look...must fix that. I'll put that on my to-do list, for sure.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Day for Knittin'

It's quite overcast and cold this morning. We got a drizzle of rain overnight, enough to make the fabric I bought at Spotlight yesterday damp, but not enough to warrant another spin in the washing machine, I'm sure you know what I mean! I think I will chuck the fabric in the dryer anyway, would like to make a start on some bags I intend on selling through, or possibly the markets if they don't sell on the net.

Although, it is good weather for knittin' too...when I peeked out the curtains this morning, and seen the drizzly weather, I really felt like knitting...

I started this scarf last year after Rory was born (June), and although I am using huge 5.0mm knitting needles, only got it half done. I remember joking that I might have it completed in time for him to go to school, but maybe for his first birthday instead! Who knew kids kept you so busy?!? I loved this wool as soon as I saw it; it is sold in shanks, and you have to roll it into balls you knit from - how quaint!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Can you guess what I made? Hmmm....flour, sugar, rolled oats, coconut - tick! Golden syrup, butter, bicarb soda - tick! That's right:

Anzac Bickies! Although, for some reason they went a bit puffy, didn't really spread out like they normally do, but still yummo with a cup of tea - nothing like a home-made bickie to liven up afternoon smoko!

Note the strategically placed (!) pot-mit I made a couple of years ago. I also have a matching tea towel and apron; I made a heap a few years ago to sell at markets at my home town Cobar with two of my three sists. Sold about half of them, the remaining ones I handed out to my mum & sisters!

Flippin' hell, it took me about half an hour to do this post! Will get better with practice, I'm sure - still getting used to where things are, how to upload photos etc. etc. My profile photo is the best of a bad bunch, the only one where I didn't look too wrinkly, big nosed, spotty, wok-eyed or drugged out! Very photogenic as you probably already guessed.

Going to start sewing up some duds for RMW, which I cut out about 4 weeks ago, with the new cutting mat and cutting wheel I got from two of my sists for my birthday - very excited about using the new equipment. Didn't manage to cut any fingers off, pretty careful about that! Will take some photos of my progress.

Speaking of RMW, better go wake him up from his arvo nap...bye!