Friday, April 24, 2009

Can you guess what I made? Hmmm....flour, sugar, rolled oats, coconut - tick! Golden syrup, butter, bicarb soda - tick! That's right:

Anzac Bickies! Although, for some reason they went a bit puffy, didn't really spread out like they normally do, but still yummo with a cup of tea - nothing like a home-made bickie to liven up afternoon smoko!

Note the strategically placed (!) pot-mit I made a couple of years ago. I also have a matching tea towel and apron; I made a heap a few years ago to sell at markets at my home town Cobar with two of my three sists. Sold about half of them, the remaining ones I handed out to my mum & sisters!

Flippin' hell, it took me about half an hour to do this post! Will get better with practice, I'm sure - still getting used to where things are, how to upload photos etc. etc. My profile photo is the best of a bad bunch, the only one where I didn't look too wrinkly, big nosed, spotty, wok-eyed or drugged out! Very photogenic as you probably already guessed.

Going to start sewing up some duds for RMW, which I cut out about 4 weeks ago, with the new cutting mat and cutting wheel I got from two of my sists for my birthday - very excited about using the new equipment. Didn't manage to cut any fingers off, pretty careful about that! Will take some photos of my progress.

Speaking of RMW, better go wake him up from his arvo nap...bye!

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