Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Day for Knittin'

It's quite overcast and cold this morning. We got a drizzle of rain overnight, enough to make the fabric I bought at Spotlight yesterday damp, but not enough to warrant another spin in the washing machine, I'm sure you know what I mean! I think I will chuck the fabric in the dryer anyway, would like to make a start on some bags I intend on selling through, or possibly the markets if they don't sell on the net.

Although, it is good weather for knittin' too...when I peeked out the curtains this morning, and seen the drizzly weather, I really felt like knitting...

I started this scarf last year after Rory was born (June), and although I am using huge 5.0mm knitting needles, only got it half done. I remember joking that I might have it completed in time for him to go to school, but maybe for his first birthday instead! Who knew kids kept you so busy?!? I loved this wool as soon as I saw it; it is sold in shanks, and you have to roll it into balls you knit from - how quaint!

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  1. Such lovely wool! It's amazing how children can keep you busy aye!