Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bags and Swimming Lessons

RMW has started water confidence classes at the local heated pool, and while things didn't start out the way I had hoped (he pretty much cried the whole first class, poor little man) the second class was a totally different story! A little hesitant at first, but after we sang a song with a little bit of quiet splashing to go with, he was won over, and absolutely loves the water! We went swimming again this morning just to make the most of our pool pass, and he had heaps of fun again. We both needed a little catnap at lunchtime!

I have been very busy making bags and clutches/purses for the next markets, happening this Sunday. I bought some beautiful fabric last week, and have already made five purses and halfway through making the bags:

I am enjoying making them, but at the same time am ready to make something different.

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