Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Folders Complete

I finished my covered folders, and thought they looked so snazzy I also spruced up the boxes I already had. It was pretty easy too! Looks very Tara Dennis, don't you think?!? I had some paper left over, so I recovered my pencil caddy and note paper holder...

We spent the long weekend camping with my parents on the Darling River. What a wonderful weekend! RMW had a blast, didn't stop the whole time. He has a few burrs in his hands from falling onto prickles continuously - can't wait until they fester a bit and I can dig them out!

I took a photo of a billabong near where we were camping - there were some black swans there, which I thought was pretty cool. I only took a few photos while there which was a bit of a waste, but I was far too busy drinking cuppas and eating slice to do much more! Very relaxing.

Must go rescue RMW, he has learnt how to climb and is about to do a nose dive off the side of the lounge. Doesn't he know I am busy blogging?!

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