Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Baby Bag

I started a bag some time ago, to use as RMW's bag of goodies when we go out. My last baby bag, an Amy Butler pattern, has been absolutely flogged and is now just a tad too big. As babies get bigger, they need smaller bags it seems!

I finished it last week, and am pretty impressed with the results. There is still heaps of room inside, with various sized pockets, plus an extra pocket on the outside (it is on the back so you can't see it here) and I also added a drink bottle holder.

It drapes easily over the pram handle, and doesn't hit the Mr's knees when he's pushing the pram, unlike the last one, so he's happy too!

It is a glorious day here, I have done a ton of washing in preparation for RMW & my visit to hometown Cobar tomorrow. We are going for a few nights, no use going all that way for one sleep - plus it's my mum's 60th birthday on Saturday.

We are coming home on Monday morning, then have to pack again for our trip to Mildura to visit my beautiful little sister - now that is going to be a long trip - but soooo looking forward to it! She hasn't seen RMW for a few months, so can't wait to show him off, he has learnt a few new tricks since she seen him last!

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